Clothing Care Tips

Are you ever tempted to try to remove a stain using a home remedy like hairspray or club soda?  Unless you know the chemical makeup of the stain and the stain remover, you are likely just to set it or spread it around.  Rubbing on the stain may only remove the color from the fabric, leaving the stain behind.  Be patient, and bring it to us.  Let us know what the stain is, and if you weren’t able to restrain yourself, how you may have treated it.  We’ll take care of the rest.

The packaging we send your clothes home in is for safe travel and should be removed before storing. Moisture can form underneath those bags causing spots or even mildew to form that may not be removable.  Remove the packaging to allow the clothing to breathe.

If you notice tiny holes with raw edges on your natural fiber clothing when you get them out for the winter, the culprit may be moths or silverfish.  When you put your clothing away for the warmer months, it is tempting to store them without cleaning them, especially if you cannot see any spots.  Cleaning is absolutely necessary, however, as it is not the wool the vermin are attracted to, but the organic traces, both visible and invisible, that we leave behind.  Bring your winter wear to us at the end of the season to make sure they are ready to wear for the next year.